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Sara Potecha

Sara’s love of leadership began at West Point® where she learned personal accountability and leading by example. As a U.S. Army Officer charged with leading over 300 soldiers on difficult missions, she discovered that everything rises and falls on leadership.

As a corporate consultant and leader for over 25 years, Sara led initiatives in government, manufacturing, energy, financial and healthcare organizations. She tackled complex issues with leadership solutions tailored to the client. Her efforts led to organizational transformation and greater profitability.

With her wealth of experience and leadership know-how, Sara’s keynotes address the most pressing needs of companies today – how to lead through:

  • Disruptive change and innovation
  • Cultural transformation
  • Diverse and inclusive teams and,
  • Much, much more . . .


Sara’s keynote speeches are insightful and masterfully told. They will inspire, transport and enable you and your organization to achieve more. You and your leaders will be:


Empowered to overcome failure and roadblocks on your way to success


Taught the tools to navigate turbulence and major change


Armed with the skills to develop your resilience


Enabled to effectively communicate your message through powerful storytelling

Leadership Training

Sara’s distinctive leadership-based curriculum is engaging and yet practical. Sara will dive more deeply into timely subjects your organization needs. Sample offerings include:


What Women Want at Work


How to Get and Keep Veterans


Emotional Intelligence and Leadership


The Fail Fast Formula


Winning Teams and their Personalities


And much more…


Executive Coaching

As an experienced professional coach, Sara has helped hundreds of leaders in Fortune 100 and 200 companies to higher levels of performance and success. She can assist you and your leaders by leveraging her APIP strategy:


Sara is certified in numerous assessments that help leaders understand both their strengths and areas needing improvement. You will learn how you communicate, make decisions and negotiate conflict. You will learn both the strengths and liabilities of your personality and gauge your emotional and social competence.


Through powerful questions Sara will co-lead you in creating a personalized development plan with specific goals and timelines.


Through on-going coaching calls, you will be challenged to achieve your objectives and encouraged when you miss targets. Deep insight will be gained through Sara’s innate ability to uncover thoughts and patterns of behaviors that get in the way of your success.


Powerful strategies will emerge to have you overcome self-limiting thoughts and empowering methods determined to set you on a new path toward top performance.

Bundled Coaching Packages


Emotional Intelligence Assessment debrief and coaching


DiSC® Assessment debrief and coaching


MBTI® Assessment debrief and coaching


Individualized Performance (APIP) coaching

Leadership Team Coaching

Team Coaching creates mutual accountability and esprit de corps within an organization. When effectively facilitated by Sara, organizations will become more productive and profitable.


Strategic Leadership Offsites

Using a proven methodology, Sara will enable your team to embrace your vision, become more committed to your organization and be willing to hold one another accountable for results.


Mastermind Groups

Coaching an entire team at one time creates cohesion and efficiency. Masterminds Groups build leadership knowledge and team engagement. Both the individual and group benefits are enormous.

Fundamental Leadership

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