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Sara is an accomplished author, speaker and consultant who has led cultural transformation initiatives for Fortune 100 and 200 companies and coached hundreds of leaders to higher levels of performance. A masterful story teller, Sara is a sought-after speaker on such topics as women in leadership, veteran employment, emotional intelligence, change, resilience and leadership competency.

In her book, West Point Woman, Sara delves into fundamental leadership precepts taught to her at a tender age at the United States Military Academy and applied in all her varied roles. She captures her audiences through powerful, and often hilarious, personal stories while teaching her readers how to cultivate the character within. West Point Woman is her first non-fiction business book.


"Potecha has found a way to give voice to my experiences and those of hundreds of other women and minorities who chose to attend an elite service academy. Her words are the threads that sew each of our experiences together, weaving them into a tapestry of shared sacrifice, commitment, and love of country. Her story is our story, and it reflects the best of what America is all about."

Jeff Brown, former Naval aviator, Advisor to the Governor of Virginia

"We had the opportunity to have Sara Potecha Keynote our annual Leadership Summit. As an event producer, working with Sara was a delight. Her industry research leading up to the event was impressive. She was able to customize the message with her focus on the audience needs. She took all the complexity out of designing a memorable experience for our national audience. People left our summit inspired to do more. We look forward to working with Sara again on future projects."

Patrick Antrim, Founder & CEO Multifamily Leadership 

"Sara is dynamic.  Recently, I heard her present at a Fortune 500 company in Richmond, Virginia.  Her unique perspectives as a West Point Cadet, Army Officer and corporate leader provided practical advice relevant in today’s work environment.  She challenged management to actively recognize, develop and utilize oft overlooked diverse talent."

Catherine M. Hundley, Colonel (Retired), US Army Nurse; Past President, Families of the Wounded Fund, Inc.

"Captivating stories capture how Sara’s experiences were molded into a leadership philosophy and helped transform her into a highly sought after corporate management consultant. Think you’re having a bad day? Stuck in the mud? West Point Woman will help you see things through a different lens and broaden your leadership perspective along the way."

Houston Mills, Former F/A-18 Fighter Pilot, Airline Executive

"We learn best through stories; we grow best through adversity. Sara applies these ideas in her leadership memoir, West Point Woman. Professionally and personally, Potecha has experienced unique challenges and has demonstrated extraordinary resilience and grit. As one of the first women graduates at West Point, as a management consultant in the corporate world, as a young widow with three small children, Potecha shares her journey with us. In her poignant, yet practical, thought provoking, yet easy to read voice, West Point Woman translates her story into leadership lessons for all."

Gail O’Sullivan Dwyer, Author of Tough As Nails: One Woman's Journey through West Point

"In West Point Woman, Sara describes and gives credit to nine fundamentals which helped her through her journey to success. They are the tenets that result in strength in character, reinforce fair play and teamwork, while also accepting accountability as a professional and a human being.  I encourage all of us to read this book and remind ourselves of what it takes to be a winner and a valued person.  Let us endeavor as women and men to share these fundamentals and work as equal partners in making our world a better place for all."

Rand Blazer, President, Apex Segment

"In West Point Woman, Sara Potecha has eloquently shared the gift of her “first woman” experiences at the Academy with us to refocus our leadership attributes, both personally and professionally.  While peeling back the layers, Sara exposes the balancing act of vulnerability and oftentimes humor required to be an effective leader.  An effective leader that can work through his or her own obstacles and challenges while also leading others through their own.  Sara is able to personify the principle of integrity by imploring readers to lead by action and not by words."

Tierra Kavanaugh Wayne, CEO, TKT & Associates

"Sara, one of the top rated speakers for an Apex training program, is an expert storyteller who captivates her audience with stories from her wealth of experiences. She is relatable and inspirational as she teaches lessons on leadership that are applicable in the professional and personal dimensions. She is soft spoken but impactful as she allows the audience to see challenges through a different lens. I highly recommend Sara as a speaker."

Michele McCauley, SVP HR, Apex Systems/Apex Life Sciences

"As part of Dominion Energy’s  Employee Resource Groups and our Diversity and Inclusion team, we are always looking for dynamic speakers to offer leadership examples and professional development experiences for our employees.  Sara did just that.  Sara presented to the 1,700 members of our Women’s and Veteran’s employee resource groups offering her expertise on topics of leadership (both military and corporate) and change management.  Sara customized her content to fit a company theme and initiative of “embracing change”.  We continued to build on her one-time event by incorporating book clubs of her book, West Point Woman throughout the Company, which continued the learning, conversations, and growth of others.  I enjoyed reading Sara’s book.  The thoughtfulness she put into her writing is the same level of thoughtfulness that went into her presentation."

Alison M. Kaufmann, Communication Consultant, Dominion Energy

Sara’s experience both in the military and post service offer her audience a unique insight on transitioning out of the military and seeking employment. This information is crucial in educating companies about the struggles Veterans face when transitioning and entering the civilian workforce. We are happy to have had the chance to work with Sara and learn from her invaluable experience. Her words of wisdom and insight will help shape a better environment for the military and Veteran community here at Apex.

Dylan Kodad, Apex Systems National Veteran Advocate

I have been beyond impressed with the level of advice and support Sara can provide the veteran community. In publications for a website and via a panel discussion, Sara delivered top notch tips that are easy to execute to help transitioning military set themselves up for career success. She’s a passionate and gifted educator whose expertise and desire to help shines through. We’re very fortunate to have her voice and knowledge to support the veteran community!

Erica Woods | Director, Contractor Programs & Philanthropy | Principal

Sara was an excellent choice for our annual symposium for healthcare leaders responsible for large departments and primarily women.

Her ability to weave in the personal stories with leadership principles and our company core values was an excellent demonstration of how leadership education should be done. The fireside chat gave the audience the ability to ask questions and “get real” with Sara on the finer points of her book.

Cherie Sibley President, Acute Care Service Lines Lifepoint Health

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As an experienced professional coach, Sara has helped hundreds of leaders in Fortune 100 and 200 companies to higher levels of performance and success.

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