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Given our COVID world’s realities, several of our clients struggle with equipping their leaders with the tools to meet the ongoing high degree of uncertainty, change, and turmoil.  In response, my team has developed a proven, effective, and efficient leadership development process that results in champions who effectively lead through adversity.

Imagine a genuinely innovative Leadership Development Experience that could transform your organization. Based on my 2nd edition of West Point Woman: How Character is Created, and Leadership is Learned, we developed an accompanying Mastermind methodology that teaches proven leadership tenets to navigate chaotic and turbulent times. The Mastermind can be done in-person or virtually. It will drive lasting organizational transformation by working with key leaders who delve more deeply into the leadership skills and behaviors needed in a COVID world. By investing in your leaders through this innovative program, you will raise the entire organization’s ‘leadership lid.’

Your leaders will dialogue about fundamental leadership values in times of crisis. For example, they will discuss how doing the right thing is foundational in times of difficulty, how camaraderie and feedback impact performance, and even how humor aids in navigating problems and significant change. Teaching your leaders to live these values is accomplished through four key components of my program: leadership training through storytelling, focused dialogue, honest reflection, and personal accountability.

How It Works

Due to a Mastermind’s intimacy, we limit each group to 15 participants who will commit to meet for 60–90-minute sessions (virtually or in-person) for 6-8 weeks. Participants must attend and actively participate in at least seven sessions to earn their Certificate of Completion.

Sought out by Fortune 100 & 200 Companies

What, There’s More?

Facilitation Training and Certification

Our expert facilitators ask powerful questions during your Mastermind group meetings to foster dialogue, clarify others’ thoughts, hold others accountable for commitments, and summarize group decisions. These same skills are needed to be influential leaders. Participants can acquire these skills by choosing to become Host Facilitators. They lead a session discussion and receive feedback from our team of experts. Upon completing the Mastermind, your leaders who facilitated a group receive a  Level One Facilitator Certification. Upon this successful Basic Facilitator training, we license our Complete Facilitator Certification system, providing you Certified Facilitators throughout your company.

What’s My Next Step?

Schedule a meeting to learn how we can customize this ground-breaking leadership development program to meet the needs of your organization.

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